blogRebel’s Blog is now 24hours old

Hahaha, well, yeah, I signed up for WordPress blog last 21-Nov-2007, but it was only last night that I really spent time to have this blog site up and running.

I have just signed-up with WordPress Pinoy Bloggers forum site, designed my simple banners and avatars, and uploaded to my Avatar & Pix page.

Also, I have just included this blog in my MyBlogLog blog community page. Whew, I didn’t have had any idea that blogging is exciting.

Thanks WordPress, and WPP. Cool dudes.


Genesis: This is my blog

Finally got my WordPress blog.

Thanks to WordPress, I learned this is the coolest bloggin platform in the blogging planet… Is it?

Well, don’t ban me yet, WordPress, BlogRebel is yet to enjoy what you awesome dudes got to offer. So, where’s the BlogArmy? Anyone?