The Philippine Senate House of … Money

So now its all pretty obvious – its all about the money. This is how Philippine Politics is all about. Imagine a Senate with only 24 members, squabble about money and funds and commissions when all they need to do is legislate laws that will improve the lives of every Filipino.

The Senate has become a true Circus, with the Media its stage. From being a Senate of Investigations and Inquiries – which nothing beneficial were derived, instead wasted lots of people’s money, lots of TV and radio airtime, now the Philippine Senate has become a House of Money.

Every Senator is talking about money, big money. Imagine how they spend the 200 Million pesos annual fund, plus those project appropriations they insert (a common practice they say) in Annual Budget. One Senator could insert more than a Billion peso additional budget requirements!

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The Philippine Senate’s Folly

Right now I’m watching the live broadcast of the Senate hearing on the arrests of Media practitioners during the “hiatus” at the Manila Peninsula a few weeks ago. Media people are present, of course the Senators are there ready for their share of media exposure and questioning. Oddly (and in most cases, funny, the Police – the object of the inquiry) are not present. Hahaha.

Could not believe why we are all wasting all our efforts, saliva, and people’s money and most especially time in hearings such as this.

Could not believe why media also fall prey into this kind of folly. They are all just wasting their time!

Perhaps we can ask a child to resolve the matter: Leave the police alone when they do their jobs, and leave media alone when do their jobs.

If people get hurt (after reminders/requests to get out of the way), then its their own responsibility.

Media will always be nasty – as what Mr. Tony Lopez said. Media will always be hungry for sensational events. Media will always disagree on lots of things. Its best to leave them alone.

Lastly, its very sad to note, that these respectable, educated, and intelligent individuals (the Senate, the Media, the Police) – parang mga batang nagtatalo.

Quo Vadis, Philippines?


On the lighter side:

Overheard three friends talking during a drinking session.

Leon: “Pare, pag ako nagka-anak, gusto ko pangalan ng anak ko, baligtad sa pangalan ko – Noel…”

Ramon: “Ayos pare, cool yan. Ako rin, pag nagkaanak ako, ipapangalan ko sa kanya baligtad ng pangalan ko – Nomar.”

Toto: “Pucha mga pare, wag nyo na ako isama jan! Amp.”