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Hello everyone! I posted this blog on my The Cutover Experience Blog. Thought its nice to share this here as well.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This Christmas break (for a while, I thought I had a break), I was busy configuring my new website, It was hard, considering I don’t know anything about web programming, much more with PHP, ASP, and other tech stuffs.

Anyways, I envisioned a site where I can provide the users (and registered members) a way to collaborate online – work on certain project, or articles and publish it for sharing to the general web public or for private groups. The basic idea is, have an online publishing tool/site to enable posting and archiving all discussions, communications of each members, and other document that may just be forgotten. And, oh, those lengthy email threads, which you, have to delete anyway as soon as your mailbox gets full. All these can be posted (optionally shared if you want) on myWorld Workspace and have it stored in our Archives.

Cool? It is, and if you have a term paper or thesis project, or any business project with lots of documents, and want to share your work with your Team wherever they are, then myWorld Workspace is your site.

But that’s not all. To give the members more reason to participate and check back at the Site, I opted to put add-on features for Blogging (Journal), for Stories sharing, Downloads, Forum Board (my favorite!), start online Surveys, meet new online friends and start new connections, sell, buy, look for OJT, new jobs, think of it as a total content management site. And the sweetest feature? You get POINTS for each activity that you do at myWorld Workspace!!!

Points can be accumulated to qualify for the Site’s POINTS & EARN rewards program. Yes! I thought this would be cool. No time wasted. You got the powerful Online Collaboration, Content Mangement system, and you get points for every post, story, news, event, topic, survey, link and many other activities that you do at myWorld Workspace.

So check this out (and your support to this Site will be greatly appreciated). Register for free now.

See you there.