My Naga Trip

Last Monday, 14-January 2008, I went to Naga for an important business engagement. I took an early morning flight (6:30am) from Manila. The place is a bit different since my last visit 12 years ago.

Mt. Isarog is still there, fortunately. There are still lots of old churches, but I have’nt had the chance to check if the number of moviehouses are still the same. I heard before that there are as much moviehouses and churches in Naga.

Mt. Isarog

Well I took some pictures (very rarely I do this stuff when I travel around). We had dinner the Avenue Square, a posh and illuminated classy nightspot with bars and restos and coffeeshops. Probably the ‘Greenbelt’ of Naga.

 Avenue Square, Naga

I stayed overnight at the Regent Hotel where the event I attended was also held. The hotel is filled with awesome paintings, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get who the painter was. Anyways, some of you may recognized the paintings.

Legend of Water Lily Tribal

 Tribal 2 Tribal 3 Tribal 4