Common things between the Philippines and Italy

My blogger friend, Michael, from Australia, posted on his blog a very funny video he pulled out from YouTube. It is a cartoon video showing the what makes Italy different from the rest of Europe. What made it very interesting is the ‘odd’ similarity between Italy and the Philippines, on various things presented in the video.

Whether Italians confirm those or not, I can’t deny the fact that I can very well relate those in the Philippines. Except for the language, seems everything are so true…


Funny Videos Saturday

So much with posts today. I did a pretty good job of posting the 2007 Philippine Bar Examinations Results at my make money online blog. I was able to get a copy a few seconds after it was posted in the Supreme Court Web Site.

I stumbled upon this video from my Stumble Upon friend, sbucciarel. It’s pretty hilarious, especially the last part of it, The Skater Dog. Check it out.