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PhilippinesRecently, I came across this awesome site thru Bong over at ReapMoneyOnline. Its actually a directory of Filipino blogs and at the same time, one can vote their favorite blogs. Winners will be announced at the end of the year – with very enticing prizes.

Well, I doubt if any one would cast a vote on blogRebel, not even on – which I also registered, all under referrals by Bong. I have not really started some serious blog marketing, although it should change a few weeks from now as I finally seal some nice deals with some generous sponsors. Also, my blog is terribly slow at the moment – and I am currently in the process of switching to a better hosting service. Philippines Blog Contest

Well, if you guys feel a bit generous with your votes, you can vote blogRebel ( so that I  have more than one vote, at least. LOL ).

The Entrecard Phenomenon

Lately, I have been very active on my other blog at in making Entrecardrounds of entrecard drops all over blogosphere to earn entrecard credits that I can use to payoff advertising space on some other blogger’s site. Each entrecard that I drop gives me one entrecredit, conversely, the blogger who received my drop also earns one entrecredit.

So what’s this Entrecard thing that’s creating lots of buzz lately? It is actually a form of viral marketing that allows you place a 125×125 banner widget on your blog and lets Bloggista Bannervisitors (mostly, just droppers) to drop their entrecards (or virtual business cards) on your widget.

The more drops you make (allowed up to a maximum of 300 drops a day – that’ a total of 300 blogs you need to visit each day), the more you earn entrecredits that you can use to purchase a spot on some other bloggers widgets. To learn more, visit the Entrecard website.

Unfortunately, bloggers at cannot, sad to say, participate in this very explosive traffic generating system, since you have to place a javascript code on your site to make it work – and good o’l just don’t allow us to do that.

More on Entrecard next time. | Free Blog Hosting

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