Lolong, the world’s biggest crocodile

(Photo Credit: CNN)

Somewhere in southern Philippines, a giant crocodile about 6.4 meters long was caught by local¬†townsfolk. ¬†They called it Lolong – and it gained worldwide attention, even the likes of CNN and the National Geographics. Lolong is potentially can be recognized as the world’s biggest and largest croc. Not so surprising since the Philippines is known haven for crocodiles – odd and different.

Many of these crocodiles can be found in government offices – from local to national.

The Pacquiao-de La Hoya Fight Results, Videos and Live Streaming

If you plan to watch the Pacquiao vs De La Hoya dream fight at the comfort of your home without the commercials, better check out this post on How and Where to Watch Pacquiao vs De La Hoya Fight Online Via Live Streaming.

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If you missed the fights, you can try checking Busby SEO Test participant for Pacquiao vs De La Hoya fight video replay once its available. Alternatively, you can visit the Pacquiao-Dela Hoya Video Special: HBO 24/7 Episode 1 and expect some fight videos posted there as well.

The Philippine Senate House of … Money

So now its all pretty obvious – its all about the money. This is how Philippine Politics is all about. Imagine a Senate with only 24 members, squabble about money and funds and commissions when all they need to do is legislate laws that will improve the lives of every Filipino.

The Senate has become a true Circus, with the Media its stage. From being a Senate of Investigations and Inquiries – which nothing beneficial were derived, instead wasted lots of people’s money, lots of TV and radio airtime, now the Philippine Senate has become a House of Money.

Every Senator is talking about money, big money. Imagine how they spend the 200 Million pesos annual fund, plus those project appropriations they insert (a common practice they say) in Annual Budget. One Senator could insert more than a Billion peso additional budget requirements!

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Busby SEO Challenge Updates

It’s less than ten days before one of the biggest SEO contests ends, and the Busby SEO Challenge proved to be one tough competition. Teams from Indonesia already stood solid on the number 1 spot in Google.

Several Filipino participants to the Busby SEO Challenge also appear on Google’s first page however it may take some big miracle to catch up and win the competition.

Prizes at stake are USD5,000.00, USD2,000.00 and USD500.00 for the First Place, Second Place and Third Place respectively.

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