Meet Be-bop, my 2012 Elantra

Korean car maker Hyundai is truly giving American and Japanese cars a good competition with the release of the 2012 Elantra.

The first time I saw the new Elantra, I immediately fell in love with its sleek look, spacious cabin and trunk and generously loaded interior – with GPS navigation system, DVD panel, bluetooth and iPod integration, power rear-view mirror with back-up camera, smooth leather seats and sporty wheels with entertainment buttons.

The hazel brown, 1.8 GLS with 6-speed automatic transmission Elantra was a good investment. To top it all, my dealer threw in a bunch of freebies and upgraded my Elantra unit into limited or “Premium” edition – pimped with chromes, rainguard, full windshield 3M tint and a host of other premium accessories.

Buying this Elantra is surely a good investment and felt so good I made a short video of my Elantra while its still fresh. LOL!

The Parable of the Pipeline

An eye-opener to each and every one of us:


Common things between the Philippines and Italy

My blogger friend, Michael, from Australia, posted on his blog a very funny video he pulled out from YouTube. It is a cartoon video showing the what makes Italy different from the rest of Europe. What made it very interesting is the ‘odd’ similarity between Italy and the Philippines, on various things presented in the video.

Whether Italians confirm those or not, I can’t deny the fact that I can very well relate those in the Philippines. Except for the language, seems everything are so true…


All that I bleed still rocks

Okay. I am a rock fan. And my post today is all about my most favorite rock song from Savatage. Perhaps some still remember this great rock band. All That I Bleed for me is the best rock song ever written. Criss Oliva with brother Jon wrote this song.

In most of the recent tours of Savatage, this song is always sung as a tribute to Criss, who died a long time ago in a car accident. Still Criss and Jon are the only people who can truly sing this beautifully. None of the new Savatage vocals could perform closer.

I still play this song at home with my keyboard or guitar. The melody is eclectic. The lyrics are awesome. I invite you to listen for a moment.