The Pacquiao-de La Hoya Fight Results, Videos and Live Streaming

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US Basketball Team Redeemed Olympics Gold in Beijing

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images Photo
US Basketball Redeem Team. Photo Credits: Ezra Shaw – Getty Images Photo

Finally, the buzz and glitters hovering around the US Basketball Redeem Team came to a reality when Team USA won the Gold Medal against Spain 118-107 during the 2008 Olympics Men’s Basketball Finals in Beijing, China with an attendance of more than 11,000 people mostly cheering for the US Squad.

For details of the Finals Game, where Argentina, the 2004 Olympics Basketball Gold winner, grabbed the Bronze Medal with a 87-75 win over Team Lithuania, check out the 2008 Olympics Men’s basketball Finals Results and Winners at

The Mexicutioner

Pacquiao - Diaz Fight Result

Manny “the Pacman” Pacquiao has won the World Boxing Council Lightweight Title over the bigger, but slower David “the Dangerous” Diaz in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

This made Pacquiao the only Asian, and the only Filipino to hold 4 boxing Championship titles in 4 different weight divisions. The fight result was devastating to David Diaz, who expected an upset win over Pacquiao through brawl and close quarter slug fest.

Thus, Manny Pacquiao earned several tags to himself by defeating all great Mexican boxing champions, the likes of Juan Marco Barrera, Erik Morales, Juan Miguel Marquez, Jose Larios and just added the United States-based David Diaz. Pacman is called the Mexican Destroyer, the Mexican Killer, the Mexicutioner.

So who’s next? Will Ricky Hatton give Manny Pacquiao a great fight soon?