The Philippine Senate House of … Money

So now its all pretty obvious – its all about the money. This is how Philippine Politics is all about. Imagine a Senate with only 24 members, squabble about money and funds and commissions when all they need to do is legislate laws that will improve the lives of every Filipino.

The Senate has become a true Circus, with the Media its stage. From being a Senate of Investigations and Inquiries – which nothing beneficial were derived, instead wasted lots of people’s money, lots of TV and radio airtime, now the Philippine Senate has become a House of Money.

Every Senator is talking about money, big money. Imagine how they spend the 200 Million pesos annual fund, plus those project appropriations they insert (a common practice they say) in Annual Budget. One Senator could insert more than a Billion peso additional budget requirements!

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Chained Freedom

Chained Freedom

For a century and a decade of independence,

Illusions of freedom, abound his frayed mind;

Longing for self respect, equality and justice,

Indeed after all these years, are hard to find;

Pompous public heroes, his leadership governs,

Insurmountable wealth, their service ends;

No true progress, no worth the pains,

Other than dreaming of liberty and freedom, in chains.

Bayani Fernando and the 2010 Presidential Elections

It is no doubt that Bayani Fernando is one of those rare politicians and government officials who got ‘political will’ when its all about implementing the rules. As a Marikina resident, we owe it all to BF and his successor, wife Marides Fernando why Marikina is considered to be one of the greenest cities and most livable cities in Asia.

But lately, it seems BF has lost touch with what he used to believe and practice – a no non-sense, apolitical politics – if there is such a word. It is widely known that BF aspires for the Presidency, although there is nothing official yet from his side, but people, including his political nemesis believe that he is, in fact preparing for the 2010 Presidential elections.

As an ordinary citizen, I sincerely believe BF should not vie for the Presidential post, not this time. It is already a crowded place with VP de Castro, Mar Roxas, Villar, probably Legarda, perhaps even Jun Lozada among others, already in the footing.

BF should settle for the Vice Presidency, he is one of the best bets for that position. And he should stay away with those posters and pictures of him littering around EDSA. People now are smarter, and he should maintain his reputation being a doer, and a no-nonsense disciplinarian on the streets of Manila. Filipinos need discipline even more to progress, to be more competitive.

It is worth knowing that Filipinos are the most abiding people in Singapore, and even in most other countries. Perhaps one cannot afford to mess with the law there. Smoking in public, or chewing bubblegum, or spitting and littering, even eating and drinking on public transport like the MRT – penalties are more than what most Singaporeans earn in a month! Ranging from 2000 – 5000 Singapore dollars penalty fines, no wonder no one dares to litter, to smoke in public, or jaywalking.

There was NOISE and then… SILENCE

A few weeks back, Metro Manila streets were filled of all sorts of protest rallies, even the Internet is filled with love-hate ramblings against the current President GMA.

And then it happened… the Church suddenly went soft of its stance, the staunchest Archbishop critics backed-off a bit. Lozada was still all over town, but media exposure is noticeably lower than before.

Something must be wrong.

Are people getting tired of all those protests? Or is GMA is much favored by heaven with all her prayer rallies?

Or is it simply that these protests are mainly relying on personalities and that no one in the Opposition is significant enough to carry on the task.

And the former President Cory Aquino is out of the picture now. Will the Opposition die a natural death without her?

Maybe its time our politicians and leaders start a renewed, sincere and pro-active service to the citizenry towards nation building and unity.

Will we have an automated, credible, honest elections in 2010?

Will there be no more Scams, Anomalous Deals and Purchases in the government?

Only time will tell.