The Elantra 2012 Hazel Brown 1.8 GLS Images Gallery

Love everything about this car – and this limited edition color, Hazel Brown. Not a fan of brown-toned cars, but this one looks sleek, elegant and sexy.

More Elantra Hazel Brown images soon. Enjoy!

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Meet Be-bop, my 2012 Elantra

Korean car maker Hyundai is truly giving American and Japanese cars a good competition with the release of the 2012 Elantra.

The first time I saw the new Elantra, I immediately fell in love with its sleek look, spacious cabin and trunk and generously loaded interior – with GPS navigation system, DVD panel, bluetooth and iPod integration, power rear-view mirror with back-up camera, smooth leather seats and sporty wheels with entertainment buttons.

The hazel brown, 1.8 GLS with 6-speed automatic transmission Elantra was a good investment. To top it all, my dealer threw in a bunch of freebies and upgraded my Elantra unit into limited or “Premium” edition – pimped with chromes, rainguard, full windshield 3M tint and a host of other premium accessories.

Buying this Elantra is surely a good investment and felt so good I made a short video of my Elantra while its still fresh. LOL!

Regular Holidays and Special Non-Workings Days in the Philippines for 2012

Regular Holidays for 2012

    New Year’s Day            January 1 (Sunday)
    Maundy Thursday        April 5
    Good Friday            April 6
    Araw ng Kagitingan         April 9 (Monday)
    Labor Day                May 1 (Tuesday)
    Independence Day        June 12 (Tuesday)
    National Heroes Day        August 27 (Last Monday of August)
    Bonifacio Day            November 30 (Friday)
    Christmas Day            December 25 (Tuesday)
    Rizal Day                 December 30 (Sunday)

Special (Non-Working) Days    

    Chinese New Year            January 23 (Monday)
    Ninoy Aquino Day            August 21 (Tuesday)
    All Saints Day                November 1 (Thursday)

    Additional special (non-working) day    November 2 (Friday)

    Last Day of the Year             December 31 (Monday)

Special Holiday (for all schools)    

    EDSA Revolution Anniversary         February 25 (Saturday)

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Lolong, the world’s biggest crocodile

(Photo Credit: CNN)

Somewhere in southern Philippines, a giant crocodile about 6.4 meters long was caught by local townsfolk.  They called it Lolong – and it gained worldwide attention, even the likes of CNN and the National Geographics. Lolong is potentially can be recognized as the world’s biggest and largest croc. Not so surprising since the Philippines is known haven for crocodiles – odd and different.

Many of these crocodiles can be found in government offices – from local to national.