Will Ms Philippines Get Into the Top 5 Ms. Universe 2008 Winners

Ms Philippines Jennifer Barrientos

Ms Philippines Jennifer Barrientos

Post Update: Click here For the latest updates on the Miss Universe 2008 results and winners.

The much-awaited contest of beauty, sexiness and brains will take place on July 14, 2008 in Vietnam (Monday morning in Manila). Various Ms. Universe 2008 predictions were written bravely all over the web, the newspapers and other media – and it turns out Ms. Venezuela seemed to be favorite among the other Miss Universe 2008 contestants.

Of course, most Filipinos are hopeful that its bet, Ms. Philippines Jennifer Barrientos, a 5’8″ lady from San Mateo, Rizal Philippines will get in the magic 5, and eventually crowned the Miss Universe 2008. It has been a while since the country produced its Miss Universe winner.

Best of luck!

Check out the 2008 Ms. Universe winners, results and updates on Bloggista.com.


  1. Our this years Ms. Universe 2008 candidate, Ms. Jennifer Barrientos is pretty. Since from the start I don’t think she will make it to the top 5 compared to the rest of the Ms. U. candidates from all over the world. IF she were able to make it, how grateful that would be.But in some reason that shes wasn’t able to make it to the top 5 finalists-, she was out of the taste of the judges. But Honestly,shes beautiful and she deserves to be our representative. Another thing, Being the Ms. Universe 2008 is not for her and I’m sure God has another good plan for her… more than a beauty queen.

  2. I don’t know. She is undoubtedly gorgeous…and certainly has a chance. Just how good those chances are, are am really unsure.

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