WPP Gives Back Contest

WPP Pinoy BloggersWhen I started this blog, my first blog 5 months ago, I had no idea about blogging, and how to use the WordPress blogging platform. My friend just told me that WordPress is the best blogging tool so I signed up an account. The logical thing I did was to Google on people using it, especially those people close to home.

It was through it that I found WordPress Pinoy Users Group (WPP). I didn’t know anyone from the group, except for Chuckie, the group’s moderator I supposed whom I recognized as that budding young Philippine actor I used to watch on TV when I was little kid 🙂 . He grown up a bit, face now more mature, but upon browsing at some of his photos on his blog, easily I recognized him being that great Chuckie Dreyfus.

At first I thought WPP was an exclusive group, limited only for the people they knew and pro bloggers at that, but I was wrong, Chuckie sincerely welcomed me to the group. It was through WPP that I discovered even more Filipino blogs and bloggers: mevrouw [e], MissyMisyel, Thou Shall Not Fail, Unwritten Thoughts, including Iris, mitchteryosa, annie_thejourney, Kristine Sendy, malensky, and of course JoanJoyce and Manilenya.

Every new Filipino blogger I get to stumble daily using the WPP Link Love helped me discover the beauty of blogging, and slowly, I started to appreciate it and learned a lot from those blogs.

I would have been just another ordinary netizen, surfing the web, playing mmorpg games, checking emails and watching youtube, but through WPP, I was introduced to a whole new perspective of spending worthwhile time online, expressing my thoughts, not minding if other people are reading them, or if my grammar is correct. I am blogging, I am expressing myself, I am a blogger.

WPP Gives Back ContestNow, to give back WPP some nice gesture of appreciation, I am plugging it’s first ever contest. The WPP Gives Back contest. Hopefully with this simple event, it can reach out to even more Filipino bloggers, especially those using the WordPress blogging platform, and become one single strong organization of bloggers who aim to help and to nurture blogging among its members.

And thanks to the following sponsors who made this contest possible.

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  1. Thanks for the links hehe!

  2. Oi, may napadaan at naligaw dito. Ahehe. Salamat din, Mitch. 🙂

  3. Lagi naman ako daan dito, di lang comment. Heehee!

  4. salamat po..

  5. galing!

  6. Thanks for joining! Good luck! 😀 ~doorlight

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