Bayani Fernando and the 2010 Presidential Elections

It is no doubt that Bayani Fernando is one of those rare politicians and government officials who got ‘political will’ when its all about implementing the rules. As a Marikina resident, we owe it all to BF and his successor, wife Marides Fernando why Marikina is considered to be one of the greenest cities and most livable cities in Asia.

But lately, it seems BF has lost touch with what he used to believe and practice – a no non-sense, apolitical politics – if there is such a word. It is widely known that BF aspires for the Presidency, although there is nothing official yet from his side, but people, including his political nemesis believe that he is, in fact preparing for the 2010 Presidential elections.

As an ordinary citizen, I sincerely believe BF should not vie for the Presidential post, not this time. It is already a crowded place with VP de Castro, Mar Roxas, Villar, probably Legarda, perhaps even Jun Lozada among others, already in the footing.

BF should settle for the Vice Presidency, he is one of the best bets for that position. And he should stay away with those posters and pictures of him littering around EDSA. People now are smarter, and he should maintain his reputation being a doer, and a no-nonsense disciplinarian on the streets of Manila. Filipinos need discipline even more to progress, to be more competitive.

It is worth knowing that Filipinos are the most abiding people in Singapore, and even in most other countries. Perhaps one cannot afford to mess with the law there. Smoking in public, or chewing bubblegum, or spitting and littering, even eating and drinking on public transport like the MRT – penalties are more than what most Singaporeans earn in a month! Ranging from 2000 – 5000 Singapore dollars penalty fines, no wonder no one dares to litter, to smoke in public, or jaywalking.


  1. BF is purely politicking and is using govt funds for his banners along EDSA. He cannot even win VP post much more a Presidential seat.

  2. Inggit ka lang Binay kay BF> Go go BF. LOL

  3. hey guys have your say at its where marikenyos are… probably BF will find it soon too

  4. ngayon pa lang mapaglamang na sa kanyang kapwa presidentiables si bayani dahil sa mga tarpaulin nya ganun din ang iba pang aspirante paano na kung sila ay manalo. lalamangan din nila ang taong bayan? Maaga pa lang nangangampanya na, nagpapabango at madalas magpa-INTERVIEW SA MEDIA. Ganito bang lider ang gusto nyong iluklok sa malakanyang? ang sinumang i-endorso ng pekeng pangulo ay hindi mananalo sa 2010 elections kahit pa maganda ang performance niya dahil galit ang mayoriyang mamamayan kay Gloria yan po ang totoo kahit na mga kaibigan naming mga sundalo at pulis maging ang mga may katungkulan sa gobyerno. pinaplastik lang nila si evil Gloria makapal ang mukha aruy ko!

  5. It is sad to note how politics go down the drain in our country. We really need a genuine change, not just from the politicians, but most especially us, ordinary citizens.

  6. BF is one of the best public officials in the country today, yet you suggest he should not run (probably because he does not have the money to win?). There is quite something wrong about this logic, don’t you think?

  7. Hi Sef, you’re right. I couldn’t disagree with you. There is really something wrong with this logic- and its philippine politics. Good people can’t win the elections – easily.

    It may sound absurd but its true. And I believe, no matter how we think of BF as one of those rare people in the government who can show political will, he doesn’t stand a chance on the Presidency. Its the reality.

    Presidency? He has a great chance, but only after he can make it as a VP when people in the Visayas and Mindanao will know him and know what he has done before and what he could do for the country.

  8. To be pragmatic about it, BF doesn’t need to be a president to effect the change that our dear country is in dire need. But if he does becomes a president, so much the better.

    His chances of being a president is slim. And that’s not because of any lack of qualifications but because of the systemic flaw in our election process and the people running it. It would take a massive overhaul in that system and in the mentality of the electorate to get a very prepared, honest and competent leader to get elected such as BF.

    Better for BFfor be a VP. Take a cabinet position and run an umbrella committe that will drive the DILG, DPWH and DOT towards “BUENAS FILIPINAS” – a macro version of his “Metro Gwapo”. He can then be a catalyst of change and an inspiration to the people that if they are more intelligent in choosing the best leaders in our country, there is much hope awaiting in the horizon for us.

  9. This article is taken from Randy David’s — Bayani Fernando and the urban poor

    By Randy David
    First Posted 03:32am (Mla time) 09/01/2007

    MANILA, Philippines — If there is one public official in our country today who does his work seemingly without regard for the political consequences, that person has to be Bayani Fernando, the current chair of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA). In a just society, he would be a model public servant. But in our kind of society, he can only be the blind, uncaring agent of the powerful.

    BF, as he is popularly known, is ironically, for the same reason, the modern Metro Manilan’s folk hero. For the city’s most persistent problems –illegal encroachment on public space, traffic gridlocks, rampant criminality, flooding, urban blight, etc. — he finds solutions that are, at one and the same time, capricious and ingenious, impulsive and experimental, outlandish and generally effective. The upper and middle classes hail him as modernity’s champion, and think of him as the kind of president we need. But I doubt that he will ever win an election outside of Marikina City, where he was mayor for many years.

    For BF is also possibly the Filipino poor’s most hated figure. This is understandable. To him belongs the unenviable job of dealing with all the illegal improvisations that make up the typical life of those who are forced to spend the greater part of their time trying to survive. BF is right in the frontline of the class conflict that rages daily in our divided society. And he is staunchly on the side of power.

    While his political bosses may pay lip service to the needs of the poor even as their policies systematically oppress them, BF has no choice but to face the poor as if they were a perpetual nuisance, in accordance with his assigned role as the hatchet man of an unjust property system.

    In this capacity, he must remain blind to the larger societal context of the problems he is assigned to fix. He cannot propose long-term solutions that touch on the structural inequalities from which flow all the problematic outcomes of mass poverty. He is effective precisely because he treats the symptoms, and remains unmindful of the profound social illness that produces them. In countless media appearances, BF speaks of the problems of the city in such folksy commonsensical terms that he leaves you wondering how someone like him can be so insensitive in his dealings with the poor. You expect this lack of empathy to come from a disengaged technocrat who cannot see beyond his theory. It is shocking to find it in a practical man like BF who has lived among the masses. Is it possible that he thinks he knows the poor so well that he actually believes there is no way of dealing with them except by acts of toughness?

    A few years ago, he stopped illegal vendors from plying their trade on sidewalks by ordering his men to spray kerosene on the goods they were selling. In this manner, he reasoned, there is no way they can recover their investments. He confiscated their carts, and detained those who persisted in occupying the sidewalks.

    The other day, I heard him on radio talking about the demolition of shanties along “esteros” [creeks] and under bridges that impede the flow of rain water and cause flash floods. Asked if there were relocation sites to which the affected families could be transferred, BF had a ready reply: “We cannot reward these lawbreakers by giving them homes.” He wants to send them back to the provinces where they came from. One might wonder where such attitude is coming from. But in fact it is a sentiment that is silently held by many Filipinos who do not have to live dangerously along river banks or pitch their shanties inside cemeteries.

    It is difficult not to appreciate BF’s stubborn ideas about how to make the city livable. To him it is all a matter of teaching people how to live in a modern society. There is a lot of truth in this, but it is not the whole story. It omits the one crucial element that determines the character of most of our social problems as a nation: mass poverty.

    You cannot have a well-ordered city if nearly one-half of your residents have no regular jobs, no decent homes, and no bright future to look forward to no matter how hard they try. Law-abiding citizens will not thrive in a society in which the very structure of opportunity has collapsed for the many. They will be forced to improvise in order to survive. They will put up their homes wherever they can so they can be close to schools, hospitals and places of work.

    You cannot tell people constantly on the verge of starvation to stay away from garbage heaps. You cannot tell them that scavenging is an unworthy way to earn a living. You have to show them that a better way is within their reach. BF knows this. He was irked by the sight of grown men stopping in the middle of the streets to urinate behind the doors of their taxis or on the tires of their jeepneys. He tried shaming them for acting like stray animals, but to no avail. What finally put a stop to this uncivilized habit were the pink urinals he put up on Metro Manila’s sidewalks. If you build public toilets, people will relieve themselves decently. If you build them proper homes, they will voluntarily leave the esteros.

    People in general are not unreasonable. They may stall, negotiate and try to assert the primacy of their interest — but such behavior is pretty much distributed across social classes. Poverty is certainly no excuse for recalcitrance. But even under a rule of law, the MMDA’s forcible demolition of poor people’s shanties, leaving them without a roof over their heads, constitutes an unspeakable atrocity.


  11. I just have a quick comment on Randy David’s write up.

    I do agree with Randy that mass poverty is the rootcause of the problems that BF is trying to solve. And one may seemingly observe that BF is merely arresting the symptom.

    But if Randy can only go to Marikina to see how the so-called poor are living now and owning their land as provided to them by the Marikina government – that they are no more squatters – he might better understand BF’s vision for the silent majority.

    I grew up in a middle class subdivision but most of my friends are from the shanties built beside our subdivision. I know how they lived in their improvised homes and how hard their parents worked for a living. When I left for the seminary, I lost contact with some of my friends there. But what I know now is that the same people in those areas have decent homes, with a lighted and paved roads and with police patroling their area. I would like to believe that they are employed companies and establishments that now abounds in Marikina.

    In the same line that Randy believes that people are generally reasonable, I also believe that people are generally creative. And if they believe that someone is justly and consistently enforcing the law, they will find creative ways to survive within the bounds of the law.

    Please see for yourself in Marikina, Randy.

  12. Without a doubt, I agree in most of Randy’s opinions. Unfortunately, BF has to deal with being an ant-hero against the poor, and a hero for people who wanted an orderly society. This is precisely the reason why until now, some people always wanted the poor to be poor – so they can have the biggest constituents when they aspire for political ambitions. The poor has been the vehicle of many people wanting to “serve” the people. They love the poor, the hear their sentiments, they give them food for a day or two.

    I think this the worst crime a person can do – taking advantage of the poor for personal ambitions. Worst than the so called “atrocities” the BF did to them.

  13. BTW, here’s the link to Noriel’s referenced article.

  14. I hope this idea snowballs…Bayani Fernando(MMDA
    Chairman) & Jesse Rebredo(Naga Mayor) tandem in 2010! Both are transformational leaders and role models who can empower people and enable them to transform their communities through discipline…This is what the Philippines needs!

  15. Randy David ang squaters ibalik sa kani kanilang probinsya.Gobyerno ayusin ang CARP, buwagin ang mga hacienderos.Gaya ng ginawa sa Thailand.AGRI base tayo nu! dapat lang.Lang kasalanan si Bayani Fernando! hello! di nyo na kami maloloko Tumanda na rin kami at nag maturena ang kaisipan.

  16. No matter what the jealous people say, they’re out to by hook or by crook destroy BAYANI”S GOOD NAME. BAYANI FERNANDO is the man for MALACANANG! Let’s PULL together Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao and help BAYANI win. BAYANI FERNANDO FOR PRESIDENT!

  17. The victory of BAYANI FERNANDO is the victory of all. BAYANI FERNANDO FOR PRESIDENT!

  18. Haha. Nice one. I would love to host BF’s blog if he wants it – should he run for President.

  19. We are for Bayani too. What Bayani wants, Bayani gets. He has the guts the determination to succeed and his accomplishments are evidence to prove to the people that he is ready enough to be the next Philippine president. He always get things done! Tama si Giuliani in saying “vote for a leader who you think can do something good for your country!”

  20. Bayani Fernandi is the Rudy Giuliani of New York. Bayani Fernando is the Lee kwan Yu of Singapore. Just the right person we all need for the Philippine to continue to move forward. Kaya kay Bayani na kami!!!!

  21. BF…the right for Presidency. He shows results not a big mouth (saying many things but no results). GO BAYANI FERNANDO FOR PRESIDENT.

  22. “Rare Politician” is indeed the word! He is a GENUINE Beacon of Hope in our country!

  23. As a concern citizen in this country, I think about that BF should not run in the 2010 election. It’s not that I don’t like him to be the president but the simple truth is I want him not to waste his time and money this time. I can feel that BF is a good person with a good soul. No matter how good and honest he is, but the cheating is always there to ruin BAYANI’S CANDIDACY and the country. As long as the ” DEMONS ” are still in the position it is really hard for us to defeat them for they are holding the 4 ACES ( I hope you know what I mean. ) I strongly believed that 2010 presidential election will never bring such changes in the country. As we go along PHILIPPINES, especially our economic situation,unemployment, over population and the increasing rate of crimes speaks. No matter who will run as PRESIDENT in 2010 the problem is there. That will never change. PROMISES, PROMISES political figures are only very good at that.

    If I have the chance and the opportunity to talk personally with BF, I would be very confident to tell him, ” SIR, Don’t run as president in 2010. 2010 ELECTION will be the dirtiest election that will happen in the history. Don’t waste for your time on that. I would appreciate if you will take the lead to have a BIG campaign TO SAY NO TO GMA’S ADMINISTRATION and I will take my part.

  24. what do you call a politician/public servant who uses public funds for his personal interests/ambitions. A TRAPO AND CORRUPT POLITICIAN/PUBLIC SERVANT.

  25. I’m glad that the silent majority is in favor of BF!

  26. Bayani Fernando for President of the Philippines! Only corrupt individuals would hate Bayani win the Presidency. For peace loving people like me, I want Bayani for President to clean the Philippines from garbage and corruption.

  27. Bayani Fernando for President!

    Alternative Dick Gordon… Either one of them will be good for our country, other than them, we will be doomed again….

    Please, maawa namn tau sa bayan natin! Lets unite to someone who have the balls to do what is right!!

  28. […] Bayani Fernando and the 2010 Presidential Elections by Blog Rebel […]

  29. I believe that BF will win this election. I believe that the silent majorities will outnumber those noisy people that BF has no hope as a president. For the Pro BFs out there, just continue with our belief that BF is our next president. Don’t loose hope. I have talked to many people and believed the capability of BF and will vote for him especially those from middle class. No matter what the Survey says, it will be immaterial. BF is smart enough, and I know he knows what to do to win. Let’s help him to spread alll about his candidacy. Wag tayong magpapa-apekto sa mga bobong pilipino na hindi naiintindihan bakit si BF dapat ang manalo. Just keep our hopes. Sandali na lang, BF will go inside Malacanang. Lagi natin yung tatandaan, kahit ano mangyari.. Salamat…

  30. Basta If you would ask me I believe that BF should run for presidency. The Philippines has all kinds of Philippine Presidents such as Ex-Military men, Economist and many others. But never has there been an ENGINEER president.

    I wish they would make a documentary “Malacañang sa Kamay ng isang Inhinyero.” This may be a documentary of the benifits and bright future of FIlipinos if Engineers would be placed in Malacañang. Engineers may build bridges and infrastructures for a brighter future.

    GO BAYANI FERNANDO. If the United States has a President with Initials as B.O., why not the Philippines B.F.

  31. Let’s start the ball rolling guys, let’s campaign for Bayani Fernando through e-mails, imagine you send one e-amail to one person and this person will forward this e-mail to his group of friends and eventually this emails will be multiplied by millions in no time, so let’s pull together for this worthy cause, Bayani needs our help to get him where he desrves to be, the Man who is worthy to lead this rotten country Philippines where everyone is for sale including their souls and we’re just really sick and tired of it big time. We need Change and this is our opportunity to rise once again. BAYANI FERNANDO for PRESIDENT!!!!!

  32. Go BF for 2010 Presidential Elcetion, You are the only qualified person to lead the country. I will personally campaing for YOU… BAYANI FERNANDO for PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!





  34. Vote Bayani Fernando for President. I’m a ‘professional surfer’ just like you guys/gals here, and I have seen many different blogs and surveys (charts) online about the 2010 Presidentiables and about Bayani Fernando. One common theme these surveys and blogs have is that BF leads their surveys and more often than not they’re all praises to what BF can help our country get to real progress, peace, prosperity and order. Even former President Ramos himself is hinting on having a ‘bayani’ as our next President in 2010. As he said, “Watch out for the Pink Panther.” Even here in Singapore and my friends in US, Canada and the MidEast countries have already formed some solid support groups for Bayani Fernando’s presidency, and mind you, these groups are multi-layered in that these consist of different classes of (professional and non-professional alike) businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals, workers and social/family groups.

  35. To Rinick R. Fabe,
    I think we need to just help BF get to the Presidency in 2010 while he is able and young.
    “We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” as what Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt said. The best way to address your concern is to face it bravely. Just support BF for Presidency in 2010. GMA is still doing her best for our country don’t get carried away by the so called ‘exposes’ of a few wannabes in the Senate. That is just their ‘abnormal’ strategy in order to get as much attention they want from the public. Puro ngawa, ala tunay na gawa. Lalo na ung me initials na PL ng KBROC.

  36. Ang Kapal ng mukha nitong si Sen. Zubiri he is against the Lakas endorsement of Bayani Fernando.Bayaran naman itong Pulse Asia survey.They are trying to poison again the minds of Filipino people. I think we should conduct our own survey aso to counter this black propaganda against BF.Mga kababayan mamili kayo:Villar c-5 at Taga,Noli protector ng Legacy,Roxas anu ka vha ! Chiz & Teodoro Tuta ni Danding, Loren asawa ng kriminal , Binay naku po! paanu kaya ito yumaman ng husto? Lacson & Gordon medyo malinis itong dalawang ito.La na ! ala naman tayong mapagpipilian di ba ? Bayani Fernando na lang talaga ang dapat nating ilukluk kaya tulong tulong tayong lahat mga pilipino! Gising Na ! BF4Pres ! 2010

    • That’s okay kung hindi si Bayani Fernando ang mapiling endorsee ni Pangulong Arroyo, and importante ay MAGTULUNGAN TAYONG ikampanya ang isang taong makakaahon sa kahirapan ng ating mamamayan. Isang taong subok na ang kakayahan, isang taong sincero sa kanyang trabaho at walang kinikilingan, at ito ay walang iba kundi si BAYANI FERNANDO ang tanging pag-asa ng ating bayan. Habang ang mga surveys ay pawang mga bayaran, kung tutuusin, si Bayani ang paborito ng ating mga kababayan: US, ENGLAND, AUSTRALIA, HONGKONG, SINGAPORE, SAUDI pati DUBAI. Pag si Fernando ang manalo, siguradong makaahon ang ating mga kamag-anak at mga kaibigan sa kahirapan. Kaya gamitin ang isipan sa pagpili ng isang presidenteng maaasahan. Piliin n’yo ba si NOLI? na tuta ng ABS-CBN? paano nalang ang inyong kurenteng babayaran buwan-buwan sa kamaynilaan? Tataas at tataasan habang andyan si Noling maasahan. Sa tingin n’yo hindi kurakot si Noli? kayo na ang makiramdam! Si VILLAR na magaling sa C-5 at Taga? Hindi ba kayo nagtataka sa kanyang kayamanan? huwag magpaloko sa taong nabubuko! Si ROXAS na isang retokado, PUTANG INA NA, ASSWANG pa! Iboto n’yo si Mar para magkandarapa sina Mama at Papa sa pagbayad ng inyong mga matrikula. Isipin n’yo gawin ni Mar Roxas na 6 years ang mga 4 year courses, kaya, isip-isip, kayo na ang pumili. Sino pa sa Senado ang hindi magnanakaw sa tingin n’yo? Kung manalo si Mar Roxas, hwag kayong mag-atubiling tawagin siyang President “PUTANG INA” dahil yan ay paborito nya! Si CHIZ! give me a break, napakabata, kurakot na! Ngawa lang ng ngawa walang isang nagawa! Bago n’yo piliin itong DALDALERO/MANLOLOKO tanong n’yo muna sa mga taga Sorsogon kung ano ang kanyang tugon! Si PING? hindi nyo ba na-alala ang kuratong baleleng? Isama na ang mga nasilence nyang sina Campos, Bentain, Dacer, Corbito at iba pang mga manloloko! Si LOREN? na dada ng dada at walang nagawa, a former wife of a confessed old fart murderer Leviste! puro lang pa media beauty sa harap ng TV. Sa tingin n’yo hindi rin siya kurakot? Hmmmm……. Bahala na kayong manghusga! Si BINAY? my gulay! parang may-ari ng Makati, in fairness, pinapaganda n’ya ang Makati sa kanyang kanang kamay habang ang kaliwang kamay ay panay kurakot, biruin n’yo gumawa ng ghost employees payroll? magaling sa take one take all! Haaaaay! buhay… mabuti pa si Fernando maraming nabuo! kaya ako, kami at kaming mga OFW’s, Wala kaming iboto kundi si BAYANI FERNANDO pagkaPANGULO!

  37. Dear Sir Berdogo Bayani,



  38. If there are words that aptly describe Bayani Fernando, they are– priggish, superfluous and supererogatory. I am speaking in all objectivity- he is also like his “boss” gma, politics is business not service! For the real reason why he has been installing all those nuisances ( the pink fence) is because he is making money. O, come on, don’t tell me that it’s all for safety and beautification! And why did he impose those “bayani” stickers to all metro manila buses? Campaigning prematurely! It could be an issue against his candidacy. His men are very arrogant. Well, to be fair, I salute him for the footbridges he constructed for the metropolis. But that doesn’t mean, it is a gauge that he will be a good president. The Philippines need somebody who experienced being poor- ” nahinto sa pag-aaral dahil walang pangmatrikula, naranasang sumala sa oras kasi wala pambili bigas, naputulan ng kuryente kasi wala pambayad, dumaan ang pasko ng walang bagong damit! If bayani fernando experienced all of these, then he could be a good president. “Nakapag-commute na ba siya?” He has not even successful in alleviating the traffic problem. Naging grabe pa!

  39. bf is my choice to be the next pressident of the republic of the sure he is the ONLY person who can really give our country the changes that we need super sawa na kami sa mga TRAPOS !!! maawa naman kayo sa atin bansa lugmok na sa kahirapan at corruption. sa tuwing may eleksiyon ang kandidato sasabihin sa tao siya ay makatao makadiyos makahirap uunahin daw niya ang bayan at tao sa dinami dami na kandidato na nangako sa atin HOW COME MAHIRAP PARIN ANG buhay ng nararami sa atin laganap ang corruption sawang sawa na ang sambayanan pilipino sa mga TRAPOS NA ITO,,,,
    ako ay taga cainta hindi po taga marikina hindi po ako bayaran ginagawa ko po ito para po sa atin bansa BF 4 PRESIDENT,,,,,BF RULESSSS,,,,, GODBLESSSS THE PHILIPPINES,,,,






    • Mukhang sutil, suwail at pasaway ka kita sa iyong pananalita.
      displina lang po ang kailangan par aumunlad ang bayan pero kayo kayong disiplinahin ni Bayani hintayin ninyong siya maging pangulo natin at ang bayan natin ay uunlad kasi may disiplina ang mamamayan.
      Kung panay fFFuuuct tayo ng pucjk walang mangyayari sa bayan,
      Si Bayani sanay na sa fuck you pero nakita mo naman ginawa niya sa Marikina iyong mga kalaban niyang nag fuck you ngayon bilib sa kanya.

  42. please visit Bayani Fernando’s official website at

    Those who want to help his candidacy can join team bayani. There’s a link there too.

  43. I was one of the anti Bayani before. Unitl one day, I read an article na di sya pumirma sa anomalous WB contract kaya inalis sya as DPWH Secretary. Narealize ko…bakit nga ba ako galit sa taong ito samantalang wala naman syang ginagawang masama but work and work for the public.Ung isa namang kaibigan kong taga UP, natutuwa kay Bayani dahil sa malaking improvement ng Katipunan Road. Sinusundan ko mga kilos nya..akalain mo,inayos ppa ang bahay ng mga swuatters sa Recto.
    curiuus lang ako kung anu ano pang bagay ang gagawin nya pag presidente na sya.
    Maraming nagiging interested sa kanya na dating galit sa kanya. Parang snowball ng ang lumalabas eh……

  44. mga kabayan,
    bilang isang ofw here in australia i find it amusing na even dito sa lugar namin sa WA karamihan sa mga pilipino dito is pro BAYANI FERNADO 4 2010.i myself cant even help to wait for the 2010 election to campaign for tingin ko doable na may pag asa si BF

  45. i guest most of you people agree that bayani fernando should run for pres.marami rin ang nag sasabi na my polital will but sad to say (Good people can’t win the elections – easily).
    for my opinion bayani should run.manalo matalo BAYANI ako.gogogogogogogogogogo bayani.

  46. Suggestions lang po, pwede ho gumawa din tayo nga sarili nating survey kung Sino ang pinakarapat-dapat na maging presidente para sa mga matitinong tao at pakipost din po sa Newspaper, sigurado po si Bayani po ang mangunguna para sa pagka pangulo ng Pilipinas. Isa pa po, pwede din ba kunin natin si Jaime Zobel de Ayala na magendorso kay BF? Kung willing po sya para po madagdagan pa ang boto ni BF? dahil si JZA ay pinakarespetado at malinis na tao sa Pilipinas kagaya ni BF.

  47. escuder for president
    trillanes for vice p[resident

    • Naku poh! mga magnanakaw poh iyang napili nyow!

  48. bayani talo ka na huwag ka ng mangarap pa

    • Si bayani lang po ang pinaka sinsero sa lahat ng public servant kaya maraming nagagawa. Basahin mo mga sagot dito at lahat sila ay positive kay Bayani kaya spara sa akin may pag asang maging presidente si bayani dahil lahat ay umaasam ng pagbabago. Sa ikauunlad ng bayan disiplina ang kailangan.

  49. Bayani Fernando Official Website:

  50. That’s okay kung hindi si Bayani Fernando ang mapiling endorsee ni Pangulong Arroyo, and importante ay MAGTULUNGAN TAYONG IKAMPANYA ang isang taong MAKAKAAHON sa kahirapan ng ating MAMAMAYAN. Isang taong SUBOK na ang kakayahan, isang taong SINSERO sa kanyang trabaho at walang kinikilingan, at ito ay walang iba kundi si BAYANI FERNANDO ang tanging PAG-ASA ng ating bayan. Habang ang mga surveys ay pawang mga BAYARAN, kung tutuusin, si BAYANI FERNANDO ang paborito ng ating mga kababayan: US, ENGLAND, AUSTRALIA, HONGKONG, SINGAPORE, SAUDI pati DUBAI. Pag si Fernando ang manalo, siguradong MAKAAHON ang ating mga kamag-anak at mga kaibigan sa kahirapan ng ating bayan. Kaya gamitin ang isipan sa pagpili ng isang presidentiable na maaasahan. Piliin n’yo ba si NOLI? na tuta ng ABS-CBN? paano nalang ang kuryenteng babayaran buwan-buwan sa mga taga kamaynilaan? Tataas at tataasan habang andyan si Noling maasahan. Sa tingin n’yo hindi kurakot si Noli? kayo na ang makiramdam! Si VILLAR? na magaling sa C-5 at Taga? Hindi ba kayo nagtataka sa kanyang parang magic na kayamanan? huwag magpaloko sa taong nabubuko! Si ROXAS? na isang retokado, PUTANG INA NA, ASSWANG pa! Iboto n’yo si Mar para magkandarapa sina Mama at Papa sa pagbayad ng inyong mga matrikula. Imagine! gawin ni Mar Roxas na 6 years ang mga 4 year courses, kaya isip-isip, kayo na ang mamili. Sino pa sa Senado ang hindi magnanakaw sa tingin n’yo? Kung manalo si Mar Roxas, huwag kayong mag atubiling tawagin siyang President “PUTANG INA” dahil dyan siya masaya! Si CHIZ! give me a break! napakabata pa, napakakurakot na! Ngawa lang ng ngawa walang isang nagawa! Bago n’yo piliin itong DALDALERONG MANLOLOKO, tanong n’yo muna sa mga taga SORSOGON kung saan galing ang kanyang MANSION! Si PING? na malapit nang mabuking? hindi nyo ba naalala ang kuratong baleleng? Isama na ang mga na-silence nyang sina Campos, Bentain, Dacer, Corbito at iba pang mga kagrupo! Si LOREN? na dada ng dada at walang nagawa, a former wife of an old fart confessed murderer Leviste! puro lang pa media beauty sa harap ng TV. Sa tingin n’yo hindi rin siya kurakot? Hmmmm……. Bahala na kayong maghusga! Si BINAY? my gulay! parang sinong may-ari ng Makati, in fairness, para hindi halata sa mata ng mamamayan, pinapaganda n’ya ang Makati sa kanyang kanang kamay habang ang kaliwang kamay ay panay KURAKOT, biruin n’yo gumawa ng GHOST employees payroll? magaling sa take one take all! Haaaaay! buhay… mabuti pa si FERNANDO maraming nabuo! kaya ako, kami at kaming mga OFW’s, Wala kaming iboto kundi si BAYANI FERNANDO pagkaPANGULO!

  51. Sa ikauunald ng bayan disiplina ang kailangan, walang disiplina walang pag unlad.
    Ang singapore may disiplina ang Marikina may disiplina kaya maunlad.
    Bayani Fernando po lamang ang may political will para umunlad ang Pinas, subok na po siya at may kakayahan. sino pa ang may kakayahan paris ni Bayani na kahit maraming kontra ay maraming nagagawa.

  52. Nice post! seems you are really a big fan or BF. I’m just hope for a clean and safe election this 2010. And who ever wins as the race for presidency, I wish he/she can change our country from its current state. Anyway, I’ve been looking for interesting post as this. Looking forward for your next post. Keep posting!


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