There was NOISE and then… SILENCE

A few weeks back, Metro Manila streets were filled of all sorts of protest rallies, even the Internet is filled with love-hate ramblings against the current President GMA.

And then it happened… the Church suddenly went soft of its stance, the staunchest Archbishop critics backed-off a bit. Lozada was still all over town, but media exposure is noticeably lower than before.

Something must be wrong.

Are people getting tired of all those protests? Or is GMA is much favored by heaven with all her prayer rallies?

Or is it simply that these protests are mainly relying on personalities and that no one in the Opposition is significant enough to carry on the task.

And the former President Cory Aquino is out of the picture now. Will the Opposition die a natural death without her?

Maybe its time our politicians and leaders start a renewed, sincere and pro-active service to the citizenry towards nation building and unity.

Will we have an automated, credible, honest elections in 2010?

Will there be no more Scams, Anomalous Deals and Purchases in the government?

Only time will tell.


  1. People are busy protesting, you don’t see them busy working!

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