One peaceful, crimeless Manila night

The other day while I was driving very early in the morning on my way to Makati, I was tuned in on my favorite AM Radio station for the usual news and current events stuff. This one Radio reporter made his regular rounds around Manila area to scour for crime news much to his disappointment, as it was time for him to make his report for that particular news segment and voila! – he got nothing to report, not a single crime was logged at the Police stations around the city.

For my friends in media, being assigned to cover crime news in Manila is like giving a winning lottery ticket to a bettor. Crimes in the city – murders, robberies, drugs, public transport hold-ups, big-time petty crimes like mobile phone ‘snatching’ and police ‘tongs’ or tips – which is more profitable than TipIt, and even vagrancy and gang wars are a common item in daily early morning news.

But the other, for once in my life, it was different! Crimes were as sure as the sun rising in the morning but there was none. Which led the news commentator to opine that either the Reporter did not made his rounds, or maybe criminals need to rest once in a while.

Is the Devil, once in a while, gets sick in all his devilries? How we wish the Devil gets tired of being evil one day and realizes that’s its just an exercise of futility after all doing all the evil things in the world.

Perhaps one day, the evil people in the Government, the Senate, Congress and in the entire bureaucracy, including local politics may learn a thing or two from this – that the Devil gets tired, and rests once in a while too.

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