Domain Registration

4 months ago, I started this blog, just for the fun of it, and just the cool thought of being called one of the ‘bloggers’ in blogosphere. I never thought I would put in some real interests in regularly updating my blog, to the point that I realized the value of getting my own domain and hosting for my blog.

At first, domain registration was a bit hard to do. I didn’t know what were the things I needed to register a domain and which domain and hosting provider to sign-up. I started ‘googling’ to find nice articles on what are the qualities of a good domain and hosting package. That’s where I learned about the importance of being assured of reliability, 24×7 support, uptime, speed, flexibility and fully-loaded features that comes free in every domain registration.

For people ‘down under’, and even for people elsewhere who are planning to register their own domains, it is important to consider a premium hosting package but cheaper domain registration alternative. I would have had definitely made a better choice if only I came across this great resource on cheaper but more reliable website packages.

When I finally signed-up for my own domain last January (after earning a few bucks online), I was only thinking about putting a blog on it. Only now I realized the importance of a registrar’s capabilities of supporting me in going into e-commerce and online business later on during the domain registration process, and select those packages that support e-commerce shopping carts, and even in helping you putting up your very own online store.

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