U.S apologises to Japan for rape… but no apology to RP?

The past weeks have been filled with news on some women raped ‘allegedly’ by US Soldiers. Both cases happened in Japan. The difference? The other girl was Japanese, while the other was a Filipina.

Then it was all over the news that U.S. through Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, made an apology to Japan, and expressed regret of the incident. A touching and truly a brave move from the good Secretary.

However, there was no word about an apology to the Philippines. Are there any reasons why there was no such apology made yet? Just some thoughts – if Japan is worthy of an apology from the United States, should it do the same to the Filipinos, being its small brother in this part of the world?

Or, its just a wild imagination by some RP officials that US treats RP its little brother. Maybe we ought some good gesture then. Are we not?

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