Quo vadis, Banana Republic?

The recent events that hounded the current Presidency led to many people once again out on the streets calling for Pres. Gloria Arroyo to resign.

Since the time (over 22 years ago) that Filipinos removed a supposed ‘dictator’ from office – through a non-violent revolt popularly called “People Power”, people have used the streets and the ‘term’ to remove any President they dislike.

But the calls and efforts to oust Pres. Arroyo from office seemed to lack that “People Power” factor these days. And, though I am not a fan of the PGMA, I began to realize the dangers of having another People Power again.

Unfortunately, the people who themselves crafted the Constitution and empowered theDown the drain Institutions were the ones throwing these to the sewers. There is something wrong on how we Filipinos want to affect change to our society, to our leadership and to our lives. Everything seemed to dwell on personalities, and in quick fix solutions and there is no really genuine effort to a lasting change. Once we’ve able to kick-out a supposed ‘Bad’ and ‘Corrupt’ leader, then we forget, and then rally again to remove the next bad leader.

Perhaps this is really how we react to things – its a Pinoy attitude. In almost every contest, we always complain. If called for a foul on a basketball game, we complain – and at times even petition to kick the officiating referee out of the game.

I am not against voicing out the ills of society, and the corruption in the government. The reason why we have such liberties as provided in our Constitution. Gloria must go, if all charges are proven.

But, in the process of wanting to remove a leader, we somehow violate the same Constitution that we profess to uphold. The same leaders and politicians who were once part of the institutions were the same to paint and ‘sow’ hopelessness among the people.

They have publicly acknowledged that the institutions don’t work – the Office of the Ombudsman, the Department of (in)Justice – all seemed to be useless courts of law. Then what about the common Pinoys? When do we start believing in our own System and Institutions and uphold these? We have not reached even half of its maturity, but we always want to find shortcuts and not allow the due process to take its course.

So much time and money, both public and private funds have been spent to stage protests, bringing in hordes of people, but only a little effort were spent in going to the right grievance process. If only the same effort and money, including the publicity were spent in filing cases in the Office of the Ombudsman, then we can truly say that these ‘care for the nation’ efforts were genuine.

Sad to say, the Senate and the Streets are better stages for publicity and media mileage – and we are losing the real essence of its definition.

People want real change, and want real solutions. The Senate should concentrate in creating laws to help every Filipino to get a decent home, cheaper medicines, protection from jobs, safe place and communities to live and so forth. So much time and money have been lost to Senate investigations, but there’s no real value derived from it. Why not pursue the case in Courts and exhaust all means and resources there to ferret out the Truth?

Have they created laws and allocated budgets to implement an Automation System to ensure that government procurement are properly transacted and transparent – so that purchases next time will not be hounded with kickbacks and grafts? Have they religiously discussed how to improve the electoral process – so that there will be no more Hello Garci scandal next time?

So where will this country go? At the rate things are happening, and how our leaders are doing – Philippines will surely go to the monkeys.


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