The Entrecard Phenomenon

Lately, I have been very active on my other blog at in making Entrecardrounds of entrecard drops all over blogosphere to earn entrecard credits that I can use to payoff advertising space on some other blogger’s site. Each entrecard that I drop gives me one entrecredit, conversely, the blogger who received my drop also earns one entrecredit.

So what’s this Entrecard thing that’s creating lots of buzz lately? It is actually a form of viral marketing that allows you place a 125×125 banner widget on your blog and lets Bloggista Bannervisitors (mostly, just droppers) to drop their entrecards (or virtual business cards) on your widget.

The more drops you make (allowed up to a maximum of 300 drops a day – that’ a total of 300 blogs you need to visit each day), the more you earn entrecredits that you can use to purchase a spot on some other bloggers widgets. To learn more, visit the Entrecard website.

Unfortunately, bloggers at cannot, sad to say, participate in this very explosive traffic generating system, since you have to place a javascript code on your site to make it work – and good o’l just don’t allow us to do that.

More on Entrecard next time.


  1. Agreed about entrecard, we like it. Also we do have a wordpress blog and the script for entrecard is working just fine on ours. We took the code labelled “for wordpress blogs” and put it in a widget text box. You can see it (currently) on the top right as you open

    Hope you get it to work! Love you blog layout 🙂

  2. […] One good though about this service – the members are very appreciative for any help that you can give, they even send you emails to thank you, and some would even ask for more information. Although I tried to avoid promoting some stuff, but if its what could answer to certain question, I would give out the links. To date, this process gave me several new sign-ups on my various affiliate and referral programs. This also helped me generate new unique visitors of my Blog, aside from the usual Entrecard traffic. […]

  3. Actually I don’t know how this really works.

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