Activism – a tagline?

I have been in the company of the Great Activists – during my high school and college days. But I never considered myself one. I was once put to jail overnight (unfortunately, the Jail Warden was my aunt… so she kept me there for a night) while my ‘comrades’ – mostly high school studes, were allowed to walk to freedom, after we were all rounded up for what became an unruly street protest.

In college, I was working with some LFS members, real activists of my days – but I was never one of them. Instead, I joined a group and called ourselves “active, non-violence” organization. And we were working with the real activists…

Perhaps, being that active, non-violent principle in me kept me fired up about life up to this day. However, it saddens me… to meet and encounter people who openly professes themselves as “activists”, “aktibista”, “once an activist”, “minsan isang aktibista” sort of ramblings and ‘self-promotion”.

Activism, or being once an “activist” has become, to some people, a tagline, a self-promotion. Why? Obviously, just to make themselves cool to people.

Activism is one principle in life that’s always consistent, its in one’s blood, something they can’t live without. And you see them on the streets, in the government, in the mountains – no matter what they achieve, no matter their financial status – an “activist” is always an activist.

Having joined rallies, being jailed, being ridiculed, involved in a debate of principles – all these do not warrant being considered an “activist”. It’s how you, as a person grown yourself towards awareness of the things around you, how you make yourself useful to your community and to other people. And it is being consistent with the principles of being fair, righteous and helpful with your kapwa-tao.

That is why I never considered myself an “activist’ nor, being near to that. So, I have no right to proclaim myself an “aktibista’ in front of many people. Have you?


  1. Ouchhhh! I’m hurt 😦

  2. Awww. sorry po. Baket naman. 🙂

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