Get onboard with Microsoft adCenter

More choices now for revenue generation for your websites and blogs. Microsoft adCenter is now accepting sign-ups for Publishers, advertisers (with a free click credit of up to USD50.00*) and affiliates.

This is a cool opportunity for bloggers who are also into site monetization. We still have to see how the new Microsoft adCenter performs compared with Google AdSense, but it’s worth the try and much better to join the program this early.

Below is a campaign ads from Microsoft adCenter >

Connect with buyers with Microsoft adCenter

Search Marketing isn’t about reaching a lot of people; it’s about reaching the right people: Buyers. Through Microsoft adCenter, you can reach out to 97 million MSN users, 83% of whom have recently purchased online.1 So sign up and start using adCenter,.

¹Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, June-07, US Home/Work Combined; Nielsen//NetRatings @ Plan, Summer 2007 Release.


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