Christmas in the Streets

Christmas – for most Pinoys, are time for families to get-together, a time for parties, and most of all, a time for gift-giving.

Somehow, most are faced by the delimna of choosing what to give to a certain individual (except for others who specify what they want to receive). Shopping malls are crowded during the holidays season, people are spending.

Most of us give gifts to those we think can give us something (even better gifts) in return.  But as you pass by the streets going to your favorite mall or hang-out places, you could see lots of people – children, teens, women and older people – all trying to cash in this season of gifting. These are the ones who rub their noses on your car windows, hoping to see some loose change, mostly begging for it.

Some are quite creative, with a baby in one arm, and somebody banging a tin-can drum, they can put on some street dancing while singing some lively carols. Again, hoping for some few coins for the performance.

Most street beggars are there too, the one legged-man, the blind man, the old lady with a plastic bag, a pregnant woman with a baby clinging on her side – all hoping for a little share of the yuletide generosity.

Are we supposed to give to these less fortunate people – right there in the streets? Is being generous to them means making them patronizing the streets even more? Is the government doing something?

Perhaps we can look forward to the day when we don’t see people celebrating christmas on the streets.

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