SidePost: Get paid reading emails? True?

Got across these two awesome websites that pay their members 10 – 100 USD just reading email advertisements. I tried signing up, and immediately, I earned a total of 400USD cash credits. It include a sign-up bonus ranging from 50USD to 250USD.

Try this out, plus, for every member that you refer, you get credited as well, up to 5 level downlines. Cool eh?

Important Note: Make sure you already created your FREE PayPal account. To create, visit and click on the Paypal link.

TIP: When registering, use only one USERNAME for all of these programs for easy management. Cool?


  1. can up grade fee be paid with my transaction money even b4 attainig minimum payout?

  2. I join Rolex quite a while ago but that did not receive mails. Perhaps this off duty?

  3. i want to join on line rolexmasil

  4. i have jion aglocomails for along time and am due for payment but not yet paid…no notification or any sign of get paid soon. please i need reply bye

  5. Thanks! Dude!

  6. Wow!. I had no idea it was so much for just reading emails. Certainly something I’ll have to check in to. Thanks!

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